We are excited to announce that Pastor Lisa Saliga, is the winner of the Gold After-School Program Package!

She was randomly picked this morning to win the After-School Director’s Training Manual, Plus, the After-School Program’s Form Kit. Together, Pastor Lisa will have everything she needs to open and sustain an after-school program in your church.

A Special Deal!

To celebrate with Pastor Lisa, we are offering this week the $99.97 Gold After-School Program Package $40 off the regular price. For this week, you can order the After-School Director’s Training Manual for $59.97 and get the Forms Kit for FREE!

Don’t miss this special offer.

Everything you need to start an after-school program is found in the Director’s Training Manual. You will understand:

  • How to Recruit Students
  • How to Develop a Strong Covering in Prayer
  • What Staff do you Need
  • How to Recruit the Staff and Volunteers for the After-School Program
  • How to Conduct a Volunteer Screening
  • You will learn about the different After-School Program Component Day
  • How to develop a Missions Statement
  • How to Develop an Effective Mentoring Ministry
  • How to Storyboard to put all the Pieces Together
  • How to Use the Logic Model for Outcome Based Evaluation

Everything you need is found in this Director’s Training Manual. Plus, you get the Forms Kit for FREE.

Order today! Use the button below to get your $40 off the regular price of $99.97 and get it today for $59.97.

If you have questions, please email me or call me at 877-601-4763.

Congratulations to Pastor Lisa!

Until Next Time,

Dr. Mike