The After-School Ebook Manual that Shows Everything You Need to Know!

As you know we recently released the After-School Director’s Training Ebook Manual. This has been a manual that you could only get by attending the five-day on site training here in Springfield, MO. However, we felt challenged recently to make it more available and accessible to those wanting to start after-school programs across the country so we converted the large manual into an Ebook that you can immediately download as a PDF.

In this post I wanted to tell you what is covered in each chapter so you can have a better understanding of what you are buying from KidCare America. So follow along as we explore what is in the new After-School Director’s Training Ebook Manual.

Chapter 1

In the first chapter we will begin to look at your role as the Director to be sure that you know what is expected of you. In the context of understanding your role as the after-school Director, we want you to also understand your Personality Type according to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). We will also help you see who else is on the team and who are the people that will be working along side you. The KidCare America after-school model consists of one team with two groups of workers, the Staff and then the Volunteers. This chapter will spell out in detail each of their roles and where they fit in the after-school program.

 Chapter 2

Chapter two is one of the most important sections of the entire manual. Why because it is about developing a strong prayer ministry for the after-school program. As you begin a mentoring after-school program, this aspect of the ministry is foundational. Be sure not to overlook the instruction found in chapter two on Developing a Prayer Plan for After-School Ministry!

 Chapter 3

Chapter three will give you a proven way of recruiting your team by integrating principles and theories from the Human Resource industry into the Church. In using these methods, you will ensure that you have the best team and the most effective staff and volunteer recruitment program in your part of the world. These concepts will include volunteer development and ongoing recruitment, which is vital to the longevity of any successful after-school program. In fact, this chapter is packed with tools for Staff and Volunteer Management (who knows you might want to use these ideas to recruit for the various Church ministries).

 Chapter 4

Chapter four will show you how to recruit your students and will ask you questions that will lead you to answer the ultimate question, what kind of students are we wanting to reach in our after-school program. In this chapter, Parent Orientation will be talked about, as well as, all the forms that will be used to ensure that students are taken care of at your after-school center.

Chapter 5

Chapter five will lay out the program format by discussing the curriculum components. The KidCare America/Thrive Student Center Curriculum provides you with the configuration of the after-school program and is the heart of the ministry. We will also take a look at the intentional strategy that the curriculum holds in each component. We are intentional about everything we do in the after-school program and you will see that intentionality in the curriculum. For instance, there is a reason why the KidCare America model has non-sport related recreation. There is a reason why Bible 101 must be the first Workshop that starts the week off and why it is vital that you include the debriefing questions and the hook before you do the Bible 101 workshop. The real lesson here is that intentionality just doesn’t happen, it must be intentionally planned and written for, so we did! This chapter will also talk about basics of child and youth development.

Chapter 6

Chapter six will cover the how-tos of marketing the after-school program to your Church. This chapter will also help you identify some of the key stakeholders, getting the Church board on “board” and making sure your ministry is the “Purple Cow” of Church ministries, just to name a few of the ideas found in this vital chapter.

Chapter 7

Chapter seven is crammed with more information than any of the other chapters. You will learn about developing the mentoring ministry in the after-school program, as well as, the tools the Mentors will use to walk with their students through life. You will get a quick review of how children and youth development emotionally, physically and spiritually as you work with them holistically. In addition, this chapter will deal with relational ministry, behavior and classroom management skills and techniques, how to use the KidCare America after-school model reward system (reinforcing or extinguishing wanted and unwanted behavior) and operating the after-school bank and Mall. You will definitely see the reason why the KidCare America after-school model is so effective when you are done with this section.

Chapter 8

Chapter eight is the pivotal chapter when you bring everything you have learned from the manual into your context of ministry. This chapter will walk you through the process of Connecting all the Dots with a technique used in the business world called Storyboarding. You will see in this chapter how to set-up the after-school filing system, as well as, understand what the foundation for a healthy Center looks like. This portion of the manual also leads you through the basics of such things as Emergency Preparedness, which given our day and time isn’t something we should take for granted. We wrap up chapter eight by looking at linking the school day with the after-school day, another issue to be intentional about when opening an after-school program of excellence. Finally, you will get a chance to see in this part the different entry points for starting an after-school program.

Chapter 9

We finish the manual with a topic that is vital to the Center’s future funding, Outcome Based Evaluation (OBE). This is found in chapter nine. There is no way to cover this subject in such a short chapter, however, at least it will give you a foundation in which to build on when you really tackle OBE.

We Guarantee!

It is our guarantee, after doing this for many years, that after following the directions given in this manual, you will have one of the most effective after-school programs in America. How can we make such a guarantee, because it has already worked in other communities for many years and it will work in yours. To order your After-School Director Training Ebook Manual Click Here!

Until Next Time,

Dr. Mike