Over the years we have seen many Churches and communities that cannot support a full-service after-school program, however, that is no reason for you not to begin something during the Out-of-School hours.

It is important that you realize that there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to how you can do after-school ministry in community. Doing something for students after-school is much better than doing nothing at all.iStock_000000742070XSmall

Here are some ideas about how to launch an after-school program when you cannot have a full-service five day a week after-school ministry.

  • Homework Center-This is how our after-school center started in the late 1980′s. With this model you simply open your church for an hourĀ  for a snack and homework completion.
  • After-School Ministry One Day a Week- This model is a full-service program but only happens one day week.
  • Literacy Program- This approach opens the doors of your church for students to come get a healthy snack, and where the focus isn’t about homework, Bible 101, Read-Aloud, but focuses on students who need literacy training and tutoring.
  • Out of School Saturday- There have been many after-school programs that have used this approach to connecting with students. You simply take the program components and fit them into a three-hour time frame.
  • Phase One After-School Ministry- We have seen many of our larger after-school programs begin with 1 adult to 5 students. In this model you invite the students to the church twice a week for after-school ministry. You can start where you are at, one person to five students. With this format you are developing a track record of student life change. Phase One After-School Ministry allows you to start small building momentum for a larger after-school program.
  • After-School Tutoring Center- This approach has the church working with teachers and parents to target an area of academic weakness. Providing a healthy snack then at least an hour of tutoring sets your students up to be successful.

Each of these models may not be the perfect after-school mentoring program, but it does allow the church to start working with students during the Out of School time. Several of our centers have started with one of the ideas listed above, which creates “buzz” and momentum.

As I mentioned earlier, it is better to start something after-school for students rather than not doing anything at all.

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Until Next Time,

Dr. Mike