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Here is Everything You Need to Open an After-School Program with Excellence!

You have always wanted to make a difference in the lives of the 14.3 million children who return each afternoon after-school to an empty house.iStock_000000742070XSmall We use to call these students, “latch key kids.” Today they are the most at-risk population in America, because no one is there to watch    over them.

You know the need and you want to do something about it, but you don’t know where to start. That is about to change!

For the first time in the After-School Industry there is now a Comprehensive and Complete Manual that will provide you everything, and I mean everything you need to open the doors for students of your community to walk in the doors of your Church or Ministry and have a safe and enriching place to stay between getting out of school and before Mom and Dad get home from work! It is finally here!

A Tried and Proven After-School Program Model!

This after-school program started in a small inner city church plant in New York City. My wife and I started it simply to meet a need in our community. We never thought Churches across the nation would be using this proven and tested model in rural, urban, and suburban communities across America! But it is working and is changing the lives of students in small, medium, and large churches.Michael and I

Running an Ambulance Service at the Bottom of the Cliff!

As an inner city Pastor, I likened our ministry to running an ambulance service at the bottom of a very steep cliff known as life. I watched adults in our community climb to the top of the cliff and arrive at the top, only to see them, because of wrong choices, abuse, substance abuse, poverty, and helplessness tumble down that steep cliff.

On the way down as they hit rocks, sharpened because of society, they ended up at the bottom of the cliff blooded and battered. As a Pastor I would run the ambulance service over to the now broken adult, bandage them, provide medication for pain and hurts (figuratively of course) to watch them heal and potentially start another climb up that steep cliff again. I watched hundreds, no thousands, climb the cliff only to see them lose their success by falling down the cliff once more.

I looked up one day and realized that I didn’t have enough ambulances for the amount of people climbing and falling down the steep cliff of life.

In the midst of a ministry frustration moment, I believe, the Holy Spirit spoke with great clarity. It came to me that day that instead of running an ambulance service at the bottom of the cliff, why not climb to the top myself and build a fence. At the end of the 1980′s that is what we did. The fence we built was an after-school program.

Our team vowed that day that we would get ahead of the problem in our community. We promised the Lord that we would work at the front end of a person’s life, rather than working only at the back-end. We committed to “Catching the Kids before the Street Did.”

The Most Dangerous Time of the Day for Students: After-School!

Like us you may have noticed already that the most dangerous time of the day for students in America are the after-school hours. The gap between school and having someone at home who can supervise the student. For us in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. was the time for the greatest risk for our student population.

We didn’t have a lot as an inner city, but what we did have was a place for them to come, off the streets, to be in a safe, nurturing, and enriching time. So we opened our doors and students responded. So did the entire family. KidCare America was born and for the next 11 years we “walked with students through life.”

I suspect your neighborhood isn’t any different than the one we found around our church in the inner city. Let’s face it that is why you are here! You want to learn how to “Catch the Kids before the Street Does!” But you are not sure how to do it.

Nancy and I didn’t know where to begin but we started, and now after over 20 years in Church-based after-school ministry, 12 of those years training, coaching, and guiding Churches to open their doors after-school, we have written everything out, developed Forms for every circumstance, created 18 months of after-school curriculum and put together a successful model now replicated across the nation.

For the First Time in 12 years!

For the first time in 12 years, we are making an exclusive training manual and after-school model available to everyone. Before now we host nearly 30 Train the Trainer’s on-site training here in Springfield, MO. The After-School Director would pay their own way to get here. Pay for housing while they were here for five days, and for the exception of lunch, pay for all their meals.

It cost a lot of money to attend the training, not to mention the week away from family, home, and work. We realized that if we wanted to reach as many students as possible, we needed to see more after-school programs open. However, given our current training model, we could not train enough after-school directors.

It was then the decision to make the training manual and additional resources as accessible as possible to a nation of Churches.

It has taken us over two years, but we have finally finished the After-School Director’s Training Manual for self-study, and we stand ready to provide to you through electronic media so you can download the manual, the Forms Kit, and get started right away developing your after-school program. Needless to say, we are so pumped to be able to unveil these great resources for you to use and thus change the lives of students and entire families! Are you ready!

Maybe you have heard enough and you want order the After-School Directors Training Ebook Manual now. Scroll down and place your order today!

Still not sure? Let me tell you what you get!

How will this Help Me?


I challenge you to find a more comprehensive After-School Training Manual for the Faith-Community than this Manual Ebook, however, I am confident you will not find anything like it today. This 179 page complete training manual helps you with:

A clear understanding of what an After-School Director does-we provide a clear and concise Job Description

How to develop a powerful and ongoing prayer plan for the staff, volunteers and students

How to understand the different Human Resource needs, the difference between staff and volunteers. Proven methods of recruiting volunteers, developing effective affirmation follow-up systems, plus all the instructions to walk you through the volunteer and staff positions

There are ideas, along with marketing ideas on how to recruit students, along with Student Registration

You will walk through a very intensive view of the curriculum strategy and the intentional ministry done by KidCare America model after-school program

We will lead you through the procedures for doing Service-Community projects to add value to the student’s lives

As a Director you might be asked to raise some funds. The Ebook Manual will teach you how to Cast the Vision by developing a four sentence purpose statement. Plus ways to get key stakeholders involved

The hub for all activity at the after-school program are the mentors. Provided in this Ebook Manual are the Best Practices for an effective mentoring programs within your after-school program

You will understand the Best Behavior Management model for keeping kids engaged and “out of trouble” while at the after-school program

You will learn how to Storyboard and use a Gantt/Workbreakdown Chart for organizing the launch and activities of the Center

And Finally, you will get to experience the curriculum and how to use it for your after-school program

Plus so much more and I really do so much more. Like, understanding your leadership style through a quick Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment found in the Ebook Manual. Plus how to deal with team conflict in the after-school program staff and volunteers

I guarantee that you will not find a more complete and comprehensive after-school Directors manual anywhere else.

 If You Have Been Waiting for the Information and Instructions to Start an After-School Program-Your Wait is Over!

I am so confident that you will get everything you need to open an after-school program from this Ebook Manual. Why? Because we have used it to train nearly 500 After-School Directors and they have gone back home and opened highly successful and effective After-School Programs. You are getting the same manual they received and will have the same success they have had! It is a proven Manual to walk you through setting up an after-school program.

Oct 2004 KCA Intensive Training Group Picture

A Group of After-School Center Directors being trained at one of our nearly 30 on-site Intensive After-School Training Week’s.

Plus, this Ebook Manual is like a recipe book that you simply have to follow to open an after-school program that will change the lives of students and their families.

With this Ebook Manual you do not have to compile a lot of information from hundreds of different sources to know what to do when launching an after-school program. It takes all the guess work out and makes you the expert in starting and sustaining an after-school program in you community. This Ebook Manual answers every question and provides you all the guidance you need as you walk through the process to open your after-school program.

People have paid over a $1,000 dollars to attend our on-site training here in Springfield, MO. They have given up a week’s pay, gave up a vacation week to attend, left their children for a week with a babysitter to learn what you can download in a matter of minutes and learn how to open an after-school program in your neighborhood without ever having to leave your home to travel here to understand how to open an after-school program. Plus, you have to pay a quarter of the cost to learn what nearly 500 people came to learn from all over the country.

Plus, what you learn could change your entire career path. Imagine from working a full-time job outside of ministry to now being a full-time after-school program director. It can happen and has already happened to many who have attended the training from across the nation.

Imagine investing less than a $100 to change your career path from going to work for someone else to now walking with students through life during the after-school hours. It has happened.

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But Before You Do I want to Add Something to the Package

If you order in today, I will send you the Ebook I wrote entitied, Sunday School on Steroids: A Guide to Developing a Mentoring Sunday School Ministry absolutely FREE! You will receive this step by step manual for setting up your Sunday School with a mentoring component. This Ebook I wrote is based on my experience of developing mentoring ministry in the local church. It will be a valuable tool for you in “notching up” your current Sunday School program. This Ebook normally sells for $14.95, but it is yours free when you order any of the After-School Ebook Manual Packages.

“I am Ready, what do I do Next?”

You can download your Ebook Manual, along with the Forms Kit, and three months of After-School Curriculum immediately using your Debit or Credit Card, and placing your order for the cost of $99.97. You will get instant access to the training manual, the Forms Kit and three months of faith-based curriculum.


In the After-School Program Forms Kit you will get:
  • All the Job Descriptions for every position in the after-school program
  • A Staff and Volunteer Application Form
  • Staff and Volunteer Interview Form for the Director to use in Recruitment
  • Reference forms and letters for Staff and Volunteers to send to their references
  • Incident and Child Abuse Reporting Forms, along with a blank Incident Report
  • Copies of Sign-In Sheets for Keeping Track of In-Kind Volunteer hours
  • A Sample Press Release
  • Introduction Letters to the Parents telling them about the Center and the Mentor who will work with their children
  • Introduction Letters for the School introducing the program and providing a short bio of the Mentors
  • Sample After-School Program Schedules to help you plan
  • Academic Progress Report Forms for communication between the teacher and the Mentor
  • Homework Planner sheets for communication between the school and the after-school Center
  • Blank Tutor Lesson Plans
  • After-School Cost Worksheet for your planning of the budget for the after-school program
  • Behavioral Contracts
  • First Aid Supply Kit list and suggestions
  • Multi-Denominations of After-School Program Dollars/Bucks, ready for you to run off
  • The after-school program Checkbook used by the students to learn Financial Literacy
  • Plus so much more!

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For $99.97, get the After-School Directors Manual, the Forms Kit, and Three Months of After-School Program Curriculum. To get your after-school material

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